Kitarini School Lunch Program

Update: August 2018

Fresh water for the school!

The Devon Foundation sent the necessary funds to provide a fresh water line to the Kitarini School. The newly installed line facilitates the cooking and drinking water for a large group each day!

This improvement is huge!!

Digging for a water line

Fresh water for cooking and drinking!

Water Line is a major upgrade

Kitarini children enjoying lunch

More meals for more students

Our Kitarini School Lunch Program was already a huge success and demand has expanded even more! We are now providing 500 lunches per school day, an increase of 25% over 2017 levels.

Preparing the Daily School Lunch


What is in the lunch we serve?

A cooked mixture of maize, corn flour, beans, oil, and salt. Warm, nutritious and filling the students can free themselves from hunger and concentrate on studies.

Sokoine Lesakire, 14 – Loves Math!

Meet a Student

Sokoine Lesakire is 14 year-old boy student who has attended Kitarini School for 6 years. His favorite subject is math. He walks two hours to school in the morning, enjoying a simple African breakfast when he arrives provided by the Devon Foundation.

Naalamara Lesakire, and son Sokoine

He accompanied us to his home village where we met his mother and three siblings, two of whom also attend Kitarini School. Sokoine’s mother, Naalamara Lesakire, is a fourth wife– polygamy is legal in Tanzania. They live in a mud and stick hut with no electricity or water.


The Lunch Line in Kitarini !


Test scores tell the story

Since the Devon Foundation has been involved in serving lunches the 2017 test scores at the Kitarini School are clearly much improved over 2016 test scores.

For example:

2016 – in one Level 4 class, 2 out of 28 the students passed the government test.

2017 – in the same class, 26 out of 28 students passed!

2018 – Received Award for Excellence!

Lunch means better concentration, better scores, better equipped for their future!

2018 Award for Excellence

How can you help? Help Us Help Them!

The cost to feed our 500 Kitarini students for one month is $2,500. That’s 10,000 meals! We greatly appreciate any amount to continue this important program.