Celebrating Our 10th Year Helping People!

It was a very busy year! Touching lives half a world away is challenging. In Tanzania our Kitarini School Lunch Program has experienced tremendous growth as the defunct ruby mine nearby has come to life bringing many new families to the area. This year we prepared and served over 86,000 student meals, far exceeding our 2018 projections.

The School Lunch Program has motivated Kitarini students to study harder, earning higher grades on national tests. In addition, the Foundation has funded a water line and provided a cup and bowl for each student. A new library was built this year and the Devon Foundation contributed 50 pounds of books.

You Can Help Change A Life.

Also in Tanzania we helped relocate the Arusha Gemological and Jewelry Training Center to a larger space in a safer building. We continue to teach gem-cutting to young adults like Bjorn who is planning to open his own faceting shop.


Devon Foundation Trustees, Nancy Schuring, Debbie Swinney, and Joseph Portale heartily thank you for your past support.


Special thanks to the Roger Dery Spectral Gem Family and the Farnsworth Parle Family for their invaluable assistance.

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