Our Mission


“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

This is the guiding principle of The Devon Foundation.

This organization was created in 2008 to provide gemcutting training in Africa. Local people who live in gemstone mining areas lack skills to participate in the gem industry.

We teach them to cut, facet and polish gems so they can get good paying jobs and support their families. Helping hands improve lives!


Jessica, a former scholarship recipient (pictured in green), recently visited the school to speak with and encourage the new students. Since graduating, she has been employed in a well-paid job as a gem cutter. The training she received has enabled her to make great strides and improve her life.




Jessica in 2012 as a new student; one of our first Scholarship Awardees in Tanzania


Elizabeth, 27, a 2016 Lapidary Scholarship recipient was orphaned at age 4. She now lives with her Aunt. Elizabeth says, “May the Almighty God bless the Devon Foundation. May I be able to make a living with the training.” She shows promise to be an outstanding student.


Innocent, 20, a 2016 Lapidary Scholarship recipient lost his father while a child. His Aunt moved him and his family to Arusha to attend school. “It God’s blessing to get the chance to attend school under the sponsorship on the Devon Foundation. This is my hope for a brighter future.”


Hyasinta, 28, a 2016 Lapidary Scholarship recipient. Her family is disabled. She moved to Arusha and achieved a primary education, but could not finish due to financial difficulties. “Thank you to the Devon Foundation for the scholarship. I hope after the training I can see a better future in my life.”


All three 2016 Devon Foundation Scholarship recipients learning preliminary cutting and polishing of gemstones. They move on to the high quality Facetron Gem Cutting machine to develop skills in accuracy and brilliance.


Student learning on the Facetron gem cutting machine, the top of the line in accuracy. The Devon Foundation has donated two Facetrons to the school to enable the students to receive the best training in the industry.

2016 Jim Febig Scholarship Recipient ESVATH CLEMENCE AGE: 22 FROM: OLDAVAI – ARUSHA REGION Esvath’s parents are Maasai, and make their living as farmers. She was only able to complete her secondary education, and because of financial constraints she could not pursue any more training. She is eager to learn and has promise to be an excellent student. “I will work hard to gain the knowledge and skills so I can work in this industry.”

2016 Scholarship Recipient Grace

2016 Jin Febig Scholarship Recipient GRACE SOSTEN AGE: 23 FROM: MOSHI – KILIMANJARO REGION Grace is from a small town called Moshi, near Mt. Kilimanjaro and her parents make a living as farmers. She was able to complete her secondary education, but her family was unable to afford any further schooling for her. She went to live in Arusha with her older sister in order to find means to a better future. “Many thanks for the love and kindness.”

2016 Scholarship Recipient Benedicto

2016 Jim Febig Scholarship recipient BENEDICTO KIMATI AGE: 24 FROM: MOSHI – KILIMANJARO REGION Benedicto’s parents were separated when he was young and his mother cared for him on her own. After completing secondary school, he was not able to afford any more education or training. In 2014 he moved to Arusha to live with his uncle and seek a better future for himself. Without the scholarship provided by The Devon Foundation, he would not have been able to continue his education. “I believe this scholarship will be my salvation.”







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