Arusha School

  Arusha, Tanzania


Mr. Peter Salla, founder of Arusha Gemological and Jewelry School in 2000. He worked in the gem-trade for many years as a gemologist and gemcutter, and now dedicates his time as an educator. Since he founded the school, over 800 students have graduated, with about a third of them women.


In 2012 the Foundation focus shifted to Arusha, Tanzania. Our Master Gem Cutter friend, Roger Dery, located a small independent vocational school run by Mr. Peter Salla, who had begun the program a decade earlier. With his frequent travel to the area, Roger is able to bridge close ties between the Devon Foundation and the Arusha Gemological and Jewelry School. We are proud to say we have sponsored two female students in 2012 who finished the lapidary program with honors.

Plans are being formulated for the expansion of this school.


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