Madagascar School

Institute of Gemology of Madagascar

Jim Fiebig writes: “I first encountered the staff at IGM through my good friend and founder, Tom Cushman.  It has grown into one of the most impressive facilities in the world.  Top quality gem cutting equipment and a world class gemology lab are all there now.  As everyone knows, funding equipment without good teaching staff is useless.  Toky (pronounced Tooky, means truth, trust, or promise in Malagasy) speaks excellent English and like most Malagasy, he is eternally optimistic.  In addition to teaching, he helps administer the IGM’s other vital purpose as a critical step in legally exporting gemstones.  When gemstones are properly identified by IGM graduates, their export value can be accurately determined.  The knowledge and dedication of Toky and the rest of the staff are key to the sustainable benefits for our gem industry.”

You can see some of the Madagasy sapphire in glass pendants that we are creating by clicking on “Mada Store”.

You can also see Jared Fiebig working the glass by clicking on his page on the “Mada Store” menu.

For more information click on – the official website of this fine institution.