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  • Namakoo Pink Sapphire Necklace

  • Madagascar Star of Promise Necklace

Selecting sapphires for pendants

Namakoo actually means “my friend” in the Malagasy language.  Over 1 carat of Pink Sapphire Rough mined by the people of Madagascar is captured in the graceful glass pendant handcrafted by American glass artisan, Jared Fiebig. The pendant comes on a black cord.  

Each piece is beautiful and unique!

When you buy a necklace you become a “friend” of the Madagascar people and a supporter of the Institute of Gemology of Madagascar. Know that you are helping sponsor scholarships to change lives.

Pink Sapphires in Glass Pendant

Pink Sapphire in Glass Pendant

Sapphire in White Glass Pendant

NAMAKOO availible in clear glass or white glass pendant necklaces…

PRODUCT: Namakoo in Clear Glass — $89.00

PRODUCT: Namakoo in White Glass — $89.00
    ________________________________________________________Madagascar Star of Promise : Pink Sapphire in 14k White Gold with 4 diamonds:

Madagascar Star of Promise

PRODUCT: Madagascar Star of Promise — $399.00