Kitarini School Lunch Program

It’s hard to concentrate on learning when you’re hungry!

Watch this short video for “STORY OF THE KITARINI SCHOOL“: (use your back button to return)

As of June 1, 2017 the Devon Foundation assumed the funding responsibility for the Kitarini School Lunch Program. This important program was feeding 450 Masai children 5 days a week. That is a total of 9,000 hot meals per month. Since Devon’s influence the enrollment has grown to 500 students, many walking miles each way. The totals now exceed 10,000 meals a month…

With the food comes an education, students telling us they love math, and science too. Their future is brighter now with a hot lunch to quell the hunger and an open mind to explore possibilities!

The cost is $0.22 per meal!

So you can see that any amount of help you give us makes a huge difference!

We appreciate your support!

Unloading maize for lunch program

“On the menu” a porridge made of maize, oil and sugar

Smiles all around!




July 1, 2017 students receiving their first hot lunch since the USAid defunding in 2016

Masai children at school

Kitarini students preparing for class

Girls and boys enjoying lollipops we brought

Students walk 3-5 kilometers each way

Kitarini youth

Kitarini on border of Kenya & Tanzania