Welcome to Devon Foundation – The adventure began in 2008 when jewelers Nancy Schuring, Joe Portale, Debbie Swinney and Jim Fiebig visited Madagascar on a gem hunting expedition. As they visited mines, miners and their villages a surprising revelation came upon them.

Selecting from the rough of the day.

The miners had little knowledge of the value of the gems they discovered. They would sell their findings to the local dealers for $5-$10 per handful!

These rough gems could be worth $100 each, yet they were sold for $10 total…

Miners would work all day for a little food simply because they did not know what they had!


The sanitation issues alone were eye opening. Ladies doing their wash in the same river that collected their human waste.

Education is the only way a society can emerge with values in health and prosperity.

Washing their laundry in the river. The sewer drains into the same river!

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