We hope this finds you and your families safe and well. It’s been a long five months for all of us. As you know, COVID-19 has not only affected us nationally but globally as well. The pandemic has even reached our remote school in Africa. While we continue to navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times, we are asking for your help on behalf of the students of Kitarini.

The Kitarini School was closed for three months at the onset of the pandemic, which lead to many students bordering on severe hunger and malnutrion. Fortunately, the Devon Foundation was able to provide these students with food during this critical time. The Kitarini School reopened on July 1 and enrollment increased to almost 700 students — a record high! In response to the virus, the school staff had new concerns regarding sanitary protocol and guidelines. Thanks to your support, their request for special washing and sanitizing facilities has initially been met.

In order to keep up with daily lunches for the students and the additional safety demands as a result of the pandemic, we are humbly asking for your continued support. Please consider helping the students of Kitarini. Every dollar makes a difference.

Please go to the Donations page and help us help them.