Gem Legacy Foundation

Devon Foundation is proud to announce it is combining our efforts with the exciting 501(c)3 nonprofit GEM LEGACY. Formed in 2018 to help different sectors of the gemstone mining industry in East Africa, GEM LEGACY focuses its efforts on kids, education, and entrepreneurship in artisanal colored gemstone mining communities. Roger Dery, the founder, was instrumental in helping Devon Foundation in its earlier years and has been a key link in maintaining close contact with our efforts in East Africa. Roger is an award-winning faceter and has presented his outstanding gems during the popular Gem Tasting Roundtables at Devon

Visit the fasinating website: for more info on the initiatives…

Roger Dery (left) with Maasai tribesman and Okeno.

Roger Dery with Mr. Peter Salla and new Facetron unit

Roger Dery sharing with students

“In 36 trips to Africa, I have met thousands of people in East Africa’s remote villages and bush mines. Gems have a remarkable power to change the trajectory of the lives they touch. Gems are a beacon of light for those who find them: second chances, new beginnings, and security to struggling families.
It is time to raise up an army to support the husbands, wives, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, granddaughters, and grandsons of gemstones. They are the pioneers, the unsung heroes who walk a long, arduous journey filled with days, weeks, months, and even years to bring gems to light. Our legacy is to thank them for their life’s work.”


Roger and Ginger Dery and their daughter, Rachel, have been working with artisinal miners, orphanages, and gem faceting education in East African communities for over 20 years. Their mission has always been to meet people where they are and come alongside them. Gem Legacy was the inspiration of fellow comrades in the jewelry industry who saw an opportunity if those on the ground could meet needs whenever and wherever they saw them.

Our good friends Rachel, Roger and Ginger Dery