Kitarini School Lunch

Kitarini Shool Lunch Program

Several years ago the Kitarini School Lunch Program began as an incentive for Maasai parents to send their children to the newly-formed Kitarini School instead of tending to their traditional goat herd. The Maasai are tribal nomads in Tanzania, Africa known for their highly colored tribal robes. Educating their children took second place to herding their flocks. The bare substantive food provided by the US AID program was lost to budget cutbacks, and the students suffered the most.

The Foundation began providing the local dish of cooked maze to about 150 children. Soon the word spread, and by 2019 we were feeding 500 meals per day. The nearby ruby mine yielded saleable gems, attacking more miner families and our enrollments swelled again, reaching over 700 meals per day!

We are projecting that we will be needing over 900 meals a day in 2023! Students are more engaged in the classroom when their stomachs are full. The Kitarini Shool has now ranked highest in scholastic achievements since the Lunch Program has been in operation and expanded.

Several of our early students are now attending secondary schools, learning important skills for living in the modern world.

We thank you for your support and ask you to consider helping us meet the growing needs of 2023 and beyond.

First grain arrives at school


Grain mixed and prepared for cooking


First lunchroom – students sharing plates, no utensils…


Student enrollment today and continues to grow! Over 700 meals a day!!